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Cleaning & Care

Modal is a premium material that will last for years if cared for correctly. Just a few tips and tricks and your JJs will be preserved for many moons.

Caring for your JJs

While hand-washing is an option for ensuring the longevity of your JJs, we recommend to everyone that you may machine wash gently as well!

To machine wash:


  • Use cold temperatures
  • If you have a wool cycle that is the best setting - otherwise you can use the delicates cycle
  • Use a mesh bag (like a lingerie bag)
  • We recommend using a natural or eco-friendly detergent for delicate fibers like wool, cashmere or silk.
  • Flat Dry or use a gentle, low-temperature setting on your dryer
  • You may also briefly toss in the dryer with damp towel to soften the fabric before air drying.
  • Gently steam or iron at a warm setting if necessary.


  • Hang your tops or nightgowns from their straps.
  • Use High heat temperatures while washing, drying, steaming or ironing
  • Use bleach, softeners or harsh stain removers

Will my JJs shrink when washed?

Our products don't shrink. When washed properly, they wear incredibly well.

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