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Find Your Fit

In general, JJ fits true to size. But finding the perfect fit for you isn’t an exact science. It really depends on a few consideration to make them truly your own.

Fitting Our Tops

Step 1.

Using a soft measuring tape or a string and hard measuring tape measure a few key points to get your measurements.

  • Length : Length is measured from the high point of shoulder at the nape of your neck to the bottom seam of the top.
  • Under Bust : measure around your body right under your breasts where the bra band sits. Pull the measuring tape snug but not tight.
  • Light Hug Length : The Light Hug length is measured from wher the light hug starts in the top to the bottom of the Light Hug.
  • Sleeve Length: If applicable to the style. The sleeve length is measured starting at the shoulder steam of the garment.

Step 2.

Each style has its own unique guide with measurements based on silhouette. So please refer to the size guide available on each specific style.

Slumber Party Top

Size Charts


size length* bust light hug length
xs (0-2) 18.5 32 6.9
s (4-6) 19 34 7
m (8-10) 19.5 36 7.1
l (12) 20 38 7.3
xl (14) 20.5 40 7.4

Overall, Js run true to size. However, they are made up of primarily a sustainable modal fabric. As soft and yummy and less harmful to the environment as its, we have found that, after being washed, the fibers in the garment will relax and loosen. So, if you are beween sizes, ¡lis best lo size down.

*Varionce of about an inch for Length due to ajustable sraps.

Length is measured from high point of shoulder to the bottom seam of th top.

Step 3.

Reference the size and the dimensions against your measurements to find your prefered fit but take into account a few considerations:

  • Overall, JJs run true to size.
  • However, they are made up of primarily a sustainable modal fabric. As soft and yummy and less harmful to the environment as it is, we have found that, after being washed, the fibers in the garment will relax and loosen.
  • Generally if you want it to fit tighter or if you are between sizes please size down.
  • If you want it to fit looser and have a more generous fit keep your true size knowing it may relax a bit or please size up to ensure the looser fit.

The Light Hug ™ Fit

The Light Hug ™ can fit multiple bust sizes and is fit based on the underbust measurement or circumference under the bust. It is a bit of preference on how tight the customer would like the elastic around them. We recommend that the customer reference their band size/underbust circumference for a general idea of how the elastic will fit in the Light Hug ™.

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend sizing down based on the Light Hug ™ measurements alone because these measurements are based on the elastic underneath the bust.

This is what we would suggest based on the underbust/bra band size measurements:

  • XS: 32-33
  • S: 36-37
  • L: 38-39
  • XL: 40-41

Unlike other inside shelves, ours is not meant to lift and support. It is meant to have a looser fit than what you are used to in order to feel free and be comfortable enough to sleep in. The length of the Light Hug ™ is slightly longer than a traditional shelf and the elastic should fit but not bind around the under part of your breast.

Cup Size Considerations

Because we don't provide a traditional 'cup' in our tops, we don't offer sizing specifically to cup size. You can see in our size charts in our site what size charts we offer. Please also refrerence specific size charts for each product.

Have a cup size larger than a DD?

The inside shelf is called our 'Light Hug™' and fits looser than most. It has shirring over it to offer discrete coverage. It is meant to, literally, lightly hug your breasts without being constricting or confining in order to be comfortable enough for sleep. It does not lift or enhance.

We don't necessarily design for DD cup size, but we have many customers who tell us that, if they size down, they are very happy with it. Still, some women that size feel they need more support than what our tops provide. Many of our customers are over 30 and have breastfed so it really depends on what makes you feel comfortable.

For sizes DDDD and above, we don't guarantee we can provide the 'hug' they would need since our products don't lift or support.

Pregnant or nursing?

While we are not maternity-specific, JJs work well for the first two trimesters and are the perfect choice for leaving the hospital with a baby when you want to feel put together during those stressful days of being a new mom. Customers tell us the loose-fitting inside shelf can be helpful when breastfeeding.

Have additional Size and Fit Questions?

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